Simplicity is
the ultimate

Customers won’t care about any particular technology unless it solves a particular problem in a superior way.

Managing on-demand faculty is a chronic problem, and legacy systems do everything except solve it. Understandably so, it isn’t that they cannot find the solution, it is that they cannot see the problem, as G.K Chesterton once said.

We have been directly sharing and managing your problem of administering on-demand faculty for the last 15 years, which is why we know how to solve it end to end, and it doesn’t take too much. Just 6 components.

Book your on-demand faculty instantly.

No more recruiting tools, no more teacher screenings, no more endless hours scrutinizing teacher syllabuses, and no more dealing with emergencies. Connect has already pre-configured all that for you, so you can simply click and book.


All your courses and their content have been uploaded in advance. Just click.


Define your schedule based on specific dates and time, or let us find the best fit schedule.


Request approved teachers by selecting a specific one, or alternatively let us suggest one.


Get instant confirmation of your booking. We will also administer the process until the course is delivered.

Real-time Teacher

Performance Feedback

Built into our solution is the automated collection of teacher performance feedback to support your quality assurance program.

Detailed feedback per class, directly from your students

Historical, aggregated feedback from other universities available for your reference


Being a client first ERP solution means that it all starts with your requirements. We provide you with a simple, easy and standard template to establish your course’s specific requirements.


Define exactly what you need,
across 10 distinct sections
and numerous parameters.


You don’t need much. Just define at least 2 sections to get started.


Each syllabus created against your
course will be audited by us, but
based on your requirements.

Audited teacher qualifications and their syllabuses

Teacher Migration

Teachers are migrated into the system if they are your existing contractors, or if they are contractors at any of your peer group of universities.

Teacher Qualification

Teachers are then qualified by a Teacher Evaluation System that is customisable for you, to prequalify teachers as per your exact accreditation requirements.

Set Course Requirements

Course requirements are set by you, using a template that provides prerequisites for teachers to create syllabuses for that course.

Syllabus Evaluation

Syllabuses are developed by teachers against each course that you create. Each syllabus is reviewed in advance through a Content Evaluation System to ensure your precise accreditation requirements.

Interactive Real Time Dashboard


Open Job Requests


Jobs Booked


Jobs In Progress

Budgeting Efficiency


Set your rates


No negotiations required


Meet annual budgets reliably

Work Processes
Time Saved
Work Processes
Time Saved
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