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On-Demand Staffing SaaS for Education

On-Demand Staffing SaaS for Education

Who We Are

Helvetia Connect is an enterprise-level on-demand staffing solution for universities.

We create a staffing ecosystem specific to you, while automating your service delivery operations including booking, teacher attendance, grades submission, payments and collecting student feedback.

Our Belief

Perfection is achieved not when there is nothing more to add, but when there is nothing left to take away.

- Antoine de Saint-Exupery

Do you have an adequate and efficient management system for your adjunct faculty?

We at Helvetia Connect know from our first hand experience the difficulties faced by education institutes around the world today in managing their on-demand staffing. This is despite the fact that on an average, more than 70% of the teachers at an education institution are adjunct faculty. The education sector dramatically struggles to manage its adjunct faculty largely due to inadequate or incomplete systems available, which typically clutter its operations.

Helvetia Connect seamlessly weaves all the painful processes of managing on-demand staffing to deliver an end to end solution.


Time spent by universities on administration than on teaching


of university faculty are contractors


of universities use ad hoc planning
Quality Over Quantity

Six powerful components that deliver a seamless end to end solution for your on-demand staffing needs


Easy, intuitive booking process via your online portal.


Audited teacher qualifications and their syllabuses.


Create specific requirements for course syllabuses.


Set rates in advance,
and always meet your budget.


Real-time teacher evaluations per class from your students.


Interactive, real-time dashboard to manage operations.

Our TCS Framework - the foundation of Connect’s quality assurance

While administrating contractual teachers, nothing is more challenging than managing their quality, syllabus and performance. Our TCS framework ensures a seamless audit trail of a teacher’s Qualification, Syllabus and Performance in real time.

Quality by Design

Three distinct modules that assess quality across sixty parameters from the foundation of our ERP solution. Designed by industry insiders.

Robust Reporting

TCS provides instant and real time reporting to administrators to manage all their accreditation needs.

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